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Arch Car Parking Shade Design I Car parking shade in uae

Arch car parking shade design is an amazing invention in the architectural department. Mainly it makes for our cars and other vehicles protection. Arch car parking shade mixed well into any design which makes for our property. We can make parking shade design arches in residential and commercial buildings. Because it is a perfect choice. It saves our space because normally when we do not have any parking shade we park our car here and there.

Arch car parking shade design provides us maximum space for more than cars. It minimizes physical obstruction. The parking shade is very strong and long-lasting. Mostly it is used for commercial buildings. That’s why it is well-designed and strong enough.

Arch shade is created from fabulous sowings kind of HDPE, PVC, and PTFE. For that reason, it gives us more protection from UV rays. It gives us more benefits such as flame radiance, visual comfort, and snow resistance. Normally when we do not use any shade or something else this kind of ray hampered our cars or other vehicles.

Car Parking Shade Design:

  • Maintain shine and gloss on your cars.

  • Car parking shade protects cars from UV rays and other dust.

  • Protect electronic devices and interior car parts.

  • The shade protects the car windscreen and dashboard from cracks.

  • Parking shade gives us visual peace from the interior design.

  • Car parking shades give us normal temperatures.

  • It keeps our car safe from falling objects

Formation Material:

  • MS steel formation.
  • Galvanized steel formation.

  • Aluminum formation.

  • Stainless steel formation.

  • Galvanized connection effect.

  • SS connection effect.

Car Parking Shade Design


Arch Car Parking Shade Design is obtainable in many sizes and steel materials. Following the necessity and parking shade design.

Available sizes

Standard sizes are:

  • 6.0m8×3.0m (enough for 1 car).

  • 6.0m × 6.0m (enough for 2 cars).

Size can be modified as you want.



Color Options

Dark Gray | Grey | Orange | Yellow

Black | Red | Blue | Dark Blue


Flame Radiant | Tear Resistant | Visual Comfort | Dimensional | Thermal Comfort

Snow Resistant | UV Resistant | Installation | Wind Resistant.

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