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aluminum car parking shade

Aluminum Car Parking Shade | Car Parking Shade

Aluminum car parking shade is an incredible idea for our and the upcoming generation’s architectural industry. Among all the materials aluminum is one of the sustainable materials used in construction sites to defend property. Aluminum car parking shade has the ability to give us sustainable, theme-matching, and color flexibility design. In contrast to steel parking sheds, those made of aluminum, these formations are capable of erosion. We grant indemnity since our products are constructed with the grand multiplication provisional ingredient.

There also use advanced technology, for this reason, it gives them durability, potency, and authenticity. It has the capacity to hold a huge range of spans easily. The structure’s capacity utilizes natural sunlight.
We are capable of innovating and developing our product province and method

Description :

  • 6-inch pipe and thickness of 5mm.

  • 2.5-inch pipe and thickness of 3mm.

  • Plate joints to gather the canopy 12mm.

  • With the plastic cover and 16 mm solid steel screws.

  • Cement steel for the basement of the canopy 85 ×85 ×85

Aluminum Car Parking Shade

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